Salon Name:  The Cabin

Salon Owner Name: Eliz

Location: Stourbridge

How long have you had 3D- lipo in your clinic/ salon: 6 months

Why 3D- lipo?

How did you hear about 3D- lipo?

I have been a Trainer for the company for 15 months, specialising in facials. Before that, I always knew that 3D-lipo were a big contender in the beauty industry. I read about them regularly in trade magazines, and had seen celebrities talking about having treatments in the press.

What were the key driving factors behind your decision to purchase 3D-lipo?

I had considered it for some time, but the point which I was tipped over the edge and made the jump to take a machine on, was definitely seeing other people’s success stories in the training centre, Clinic owners regularly talk about the amount of business that the treatments are generating. Results are the fundamental reason, I am passionate about the results that this technology can achieve and wanted to be able to offer these treatments to my clients. I work in the week, however the amount of extra potential income that I could make in my spare hours in the evening was extremely appealing.

How important was the 3 dimensional approach of this machine when making your purchase decision?

Very. The 3D-lipo equipment is on another level, being able to layer different technologies to create a prescriptive and tailored approach to each client, it definitely has the competitive edge over other machines in the industry.

What do you feel gives 3D-lipo the edge over your competition in your area?

First of all, I think the fact that it has a list of some of the most up to date technologies all in one device, it delivers deeper, more evenly and is a safe and cost effective alternative to surgery. I promote myself as a 3D-lipo trainer, along with the fact I specialise in 3D face & Body treatments, so it has helped me to become the ‘go to specialist’ for these kind of treatments in my area.

How would you say that 3D- lipo compliments / adds to your business model?

3D-lipo treatments are pretty much the only treatments I offer, and it is a strong enough to stand alone because of the excellent support from the company which has helped me to build my business around this one machine and promote it with excellence using their marketing and PR materials.


You’re Clients

How did your clients react to this new addition to your treatment menu?

My clients were definitely excited & intrigued as to how it works, some clients were abit sceptical however once they saw the results, the machine spoke for itself!

On average how many clients are you treating per week on 3D- lipo?

At the moment, in a typical week, I treat around 10-15 clients in my spare hours around training at 3D-lipo head office.

How are clients finding their results?

I’d say that 90% of my clients are very happy with the results that they are achieving so far on their treatment courses, and the other 10% are still waiting for results from fat freezing treatments as the full results can take up to 6 months to show.

Please give an example of a client who was extremely pleased with their results…

I had a client recently who was thrilled with their results following a ‘Bum-Lift’ treatment course. The Clients target was to have a bum lift and improve cellulite on the bum cheeks, the main area of improvement was the lift created in the buttocks- with the client thrilled at her new ‘perkier’ bottom! The cellulite on this area was reduced dramatically which the client was pleased with. After the treatment took place, the client and I discussed her areas of concern. We opted for the ‘3D-bum-lift’ which was developed using a course of fat freezing and RF (skin tightening).

In general, what has client feedback been like?

Very happy with the treatment procedure & fast results- I have received some lovely reviews from my clients about their treatments and the results that they are getting, clients are now being referred to me through word of mouth which is nice.

Business Talk

How do you advertise/ promote 3D- lipo to your existing clients and also new clients?

For clients coming in for other treatments such as the 3D-skintech facial, they see the other machines in ‘The Cabin’- that generally starts conversation, & just by talking to them. I have cross promoted to the treatment to many clients.

How do you maximise on the press/ brand awareness of 3D- lipo?

The marketing support at 3D-lipo is fantastic, they are always helpful in providing me with promotional tools and images that I can share on social media and help me to promote the treatments this helps me to create awareness in my area.

Have you seen an increase in demand for 3D- lipo following the press exposure, if so do have a rough figure/ percentage of how many new clients have booked?

I actually noticed a particular influx in enquiries following the appearance on Lorraine. People get really excited that 3D-lipo has been on National Television. This was great exposure for the brand and good support for their clinics.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? – Any further comments about the machine/ the brand/ staff/ support….?

I am thankful for 3D-lipo for letting me be a part of the 3D family! As a trainer, I get to teach & work alongside my passion, and having a machine myself now gives me the reward of achieving fantastic results on my clients, and to be able to build a business which is flexible around me providing me with a significant second income.