Aesthetic device company 3D-lipo in Ireland has expanded, launching new PR marketing campaigns and rebranding.

Sabrina Ni Concubhair, the founder of 3D Aesthetics Ireland, is now responsible for every aspect of the brand in Ireland, from training to machine distribution across the country.

Managing director and founder of 3D-lipo, Roy Cowley, said, “We have been in Ireland since 2012, but just recently our working relationship has become closer and stronger with 3d-lipo Ireland, with the launch of its PR and marketing campaign, their expansion and rebranding. 3d-lipo Ireland have now developed a complete replication of 3D-lipo UK, so achieving a solid and strong presence across the whole of Ireland.”

He added, “We are absolutely delighted with the recent market growth and PR awareness that 3D Lipo Ireland have achieved. There are currently 20 clinics in Ireland offering 3D Lipo and we are anticipating many more as a result of the interest being with 3D Lipo Ireland’s recent PR and Marketing campaigns.”


This article was published in The Aesthetics Journal on February 23, 2018.